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The Last Piece

I'll start with why I loved you. You harbor constellations within your darkness. I saw them the moment we started talking and I never finished trying to connect one star to another while trying to figure you out. You are an ocean filled with sunken pirate ships and lost treasure chests. I have braved to… Continue reading The Last Piece

Sentimental Scribbles

The Girl Who Broke His Heart

I ruined us. I ruined what little we have left after our fights. I'm sorry for holding the string too tight and breaking what fragile thread keeps us intact. It is a cruel thing, to destroy what I have wanted from the very beginning. Then comes the heartbreaking truth that maybe this is not the… Continue reading The Girl Who Broke His Heart

Sentimental Scribbles

To the Girl Who Lost Her Way

The world has become your map. From the small playground of that one-horse town, you have broken free of the tradition and carved out a path of your own. I congratulate you—for only the brave can disregard rules and follow her principles. People misunderstand your courage for rebellion, your tears for manipulation. Stand tall! You… Continue reading To the Girl Who Lost Her Way

Sentimental Scribbles

Live. Love. Write.

Lately, I have been depressed. I thought writing - something I have loved all my life - is my curse. I thought I hurt people with my words, I thought I create distance between myself and those that I love. I was wrong. Writing is without doubt the greatest gift of my existence. I have… Continue reading Live. Love. Write.

Sentimental Scribbles

The Girl with the Scars

Have you ever cried just because you're you? I have always thought writing is a gift. Now I think it's a curse. It's my curse. I wish I didn't feel things so deeply, didn't care too much, didn't love so selflessly. I wish I could erase who I am, cease existing, and just float across the universe… Continue reading The Girl with the Scars

Sentimental Scribbles

A Letter of an Insecure Girl

I look at the mirror and always hate what I see. I'm sorry I don't feel pretty. I don't think I deserve to allow myself to believe that I am beautiful—not with all these scars I carry. I am hideous. I am a distortion of physical flaws and mental instability. I look at other girls… Continue reading A Letter of an Insecure Girl


Lower Magat: a tour in the wild

They say that when you lose yourself, you try to find what's missing in the wild. Lower Magat Eco-Tourism Park, Nueva Viscaya provides a variety of wildlife experience. With an entrance fee of just Php 50.00, I was in for an unexpected treat. When I crossed the gate, I was plunged into a dreamlike "into… Continue reading Lower Magat: a tour in the wild