Dealing with Depression

Eating Disorder and Depression

Lately, I have been eating uncontrollably. I thought it was normal because I've been gaining weight since the start of 2018, but I began to wonder why there were strange urges after food consumption. I am aware of my depression -- hell, this is my third time writing about it -- but I wasn't aware… Continue reading Eating Disorder and Depression

Poetry · Prose

Blind Love

But there are moments when his demons are stronger than her. The shadows that held her gently sometimes let go of her to be lost. But she stands on her calloused toes, dancing, stepping, until she found her way back to his unforgiving darkness.

Dealing with Depression

Hiding Battle Scars

Wrist cutting is the most common act to channel out depression, anxiety, and frustrations. Some might think slitting wrist is a form of attention-seeking, but it is not. The pain is a necessary catalyst to vent out. As for me, cutting my wrist becomes a drug that I crave for every time the feeling of… Continue reading Hiding Battle Scars

Dealing with Depression

Writing Away Depression

Hi, I'm a twenty-two year old girl who's suffering from clinical depression. I have friends, but none of them I could talk to about my feelings. It's been so hard for me lately, especially when I have to deal with this alone. My parents think my situation is a joke—an escape from responsibilities. I think… Continue reading Writing Away Depression

Poetry · Prose

Wake Me Up

This is the part that scares me: to wake up in the middle of the night and feel a short stab of pain thinking how much I've been made to believe we have something special, before throwing it back to normal, as if it never took place. Just as how it's easy for me to… Continue reading Wake Me Up

Poetry · Prose

Everything Blue

She once played with ashes, lived an achromatic life. But from ashes rose another fire, a mesmerizing color of the sky. Its pure azure flames trapped her in cold warmth, the kind that kindles and crackles with cerulean light. And if there comes another, a dazzling orange fire, she'll always choose the blue flame that… Continue reading Everything Blue

Paper Scratches

It’s Been A While

Because I had to fix my life, this blog has been kind of forgotten. But I'm coming back now. I have so much to say, so many lessons to share. I hope that my stories will inspire you and touch your lives, even if I'm only a stranger. You will read more from me soon.