Sentimental Scribbles

To The Girl Who Lost Her Way

The world has become your map. From the small playground of that one-horse town, you have broken free of the tradition and carved out a path of your own. I congratulate you—for only the brave can disregard rules and follow her principles. People misunderstand your courage for rebellion, your tears for manipulation. Stand tall! You are a pedestal of dignity for believing yourself when everyone doubts you. You are an inspiration for the rest of misfits and outsiders who can’t find a voice of their own. You are their voice. You are their embodiment of unspoken woes.So don’t waver, girl. The fire that consumes you may sometimes reduce to flickering flames but it will burst once more into multicolored flares. You are an explosion of passion, hope, and strength. You are a temple.

It is okay to lose your way—for the only way to find yourself is to battle oblivion and chaos. Do not mind those who forsake you. Soon they will tell everyone how they met you, soon they will pretend to be your friends. So it’s okay. It will be okay.

For everyone who lost their faith in you, prove them wrong.


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