The Girl Behind The Words

I have been writing all my life. Words are an integral part of me. I cling to them because they help save me from my reality that is tragic. I see the world better than the world sees me and for that, I use my words to expose every facet of truth. Maybe it would take long before I’ll stop writing, maybe not until I die. I love what I do and words love me, too.

I have always wanted to publish my own books someday – to be included in the best selling list. I want people to know my characters and love them as I have. I am everywhere. I have carved words into the skins of the people I met, I have left fingerprints in places I have been. For the echoes of my voice will linger like the steady roll of the sea, and my touch will jolt you from your dreams.

I am the girl who writes. Always have, always will.