Paper Scratches · Sentimental Scribbles

Coffee Stains

Everyone wants a good story—the kind that pulls their heartstrings to laughter and tears. Books have been written in an attempt to find that certain tug that would make people say, “This is beautiful.” Every day I sat inside the cafè watching people, trying to write that one great story that would change the world,… Continue reading Coffee Stains

Paper Scratches · Sentimental Scribbles

When The End Ended

"Why am I alive?" It was my first thought when I opened my eyes. I stared at the white ceiling through the haze, my lungs burning every time I breathed. Slowly, the blurry image of myself lying on the bedroom floor came back to me. The slicing pain, the ultimate decision... the end. I remembered… Continue reading When The End Ended

Paper Scratches

First Day Of School Being The ‘New Girl’ Thoughts

I love the animosity—when nobody knows me as much as my old schoolmates. I love the mystery around me as they stare and try to figure out who I am, or where I'm from. I blend with the walls as I sit in the back, quite invisible but everyone wonders "who is this girl?" I… Continue reading First Day Of School Being The ‘New Girl’ Thoughts