Sentimental Scribbles

Of Loving A Writer

It can be painful sometimes, I know. It makes you feel bad when she writes her heartaches whenever you fight. It makes you hate her for using you again to write her words. It makes you wish you’d never fallen in love with someone like her. But consider this: Have you ever had someone pour… Continue reading Of Loving A Writer

Sentimental Scribbles

To The Girl Who Loved Me

Maybe the reason why she kept asking if I loved her was because of me. I’ve stopped showing her off—I no longer post her pictures, write status about her, or tag her with silly memes. I no longer reply to her comments of sweet nothings and she just deletes them when I ignore them. For… Continue reading To The Girl Who Loved Me

Sentimental Scribbles

An Open Letter

If there's one thing I could take back, that would be giving you the words I could write. If there's one thing I could say, that would be all about you. If there's one thing I could regret, that would be letting someone else have you when I had the chance to make you mine.… Continue reading An Open Letter

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A Realization—

I used to look down on myself. I hated the fact that I didn’t have the perfect body nor clear skin. I was ashamed of myself for the way my mind worked differently, of the way I have become—a rebel, a lost cause. But then I read my poems and stories, looking back to the… Continue reading A Realization—

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Dear Little Me

I am 20 now, with my future ever closer than before. I have met people who have taught me a great deal. I had my heart broken a little too much to know the true value of love. I'd lost almost everything before I'd learned the importance of something. Gone is my naivety, my innocence,… Continue reading Dear Little Me

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Destiny Maybe

Lucy Woods believes no one is more beautiful and deadlier than her. She tramples everyone who gets in her way and punishes those who oppose her. That is until Gray Langdon comes into her life with a wrath that matches her own. He is formidable... and irresistibly gorgeous. But when they are forced to marry… Continue reading Destiny Maybe

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Blank Pages, Dry Ink, and Unshed Tears

No matter how I try to get ahead of myself, to stop the dagger from piercing through me; no matter how impenetrable I make the shield protecting me, to make to walls rise higher around my heart... I'm still vulnerable. I'm still a fragile little string that could break with a single tug. And it's… Continue reading Blank Pages, Dry Ink, and Unshed Tears